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In January I went into my local Auction House ‘ Boningtons ‘ 

I know them well and they always have amazing items for sale. I was approached by a handsome young man who works there ( his friends call him Nobby! ) who was admiring the pieces I was wearing.

Actually I have known Nobby for some time and he knows I make jewellery. His knowledge of antiques and collectables is amazing. To my surprise he asked me if I would put some of my special pieces in their Fine Arts and Antique Auction on the 22nd February.

How could I refuse? Have a look and tell me what you think:

An example of my statement piece, which is a twisted cuff in Sterling Silver and Gold. I am currently developing a new range based on this design.  No. 210

A highly detailed Solid Silver Gekko pendant.  No. 211

A Silver organic pendant designed in the form of a Yoni from the Goddess Shakti in Hinduism.  The pendant incorporates specimen Quartz and Labradorite which are thought to be spiritually energizing.  No. 212

A Silver, Pearl and Opal necklace inspired by Japanese Tori gates found at Shinto Shrines. The gate separates our world from the spirit world. No. 213

I feel truly honoured  by this….. Thank you Nobby.   

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