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Hi All

Now coming into what I call is the winter fest season!  The mornings are now a little lighter but the evenings are a lot darker.  The air is getting colder and with that the Christmas spirit is approaching faster.  Before I finish writing the November blog December will be here.

 I have been developing some new pieces, look out for my new designs of earrings.  I have got the most beautiful brilliant cut dark blue topaz stone in a silver basket.

 The birthstone for November is Topaz.

The name topaz comes from a Sanskrit word “tapas” meaning “fire.” It is thought to originally come from an island in the red sea.  It occurs in a range of magnificent colours – blue, pale green, varying shades of yellow, pink, red, brown and even black. Pure topaz itself is a colourless stone, the coloured variants occur due to minor element substitutions and defects in the crystal.


December it is a Turquoise & Tanzanite.

The name is believed to originate from the French phrase  “pierre turquoise” Turkish stone, because it was brought to Europe by Venetian merchants who first acquired it in Turkish bazaars,   from the mines in historical  Khorasan Province ofI Iran.

Tanzanite is the blue/purple variety of colourdiscovered in the Mererani Hills of Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania in 1967, near the city of  Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro.

 I am at the morley collage winter fair on Sunday 1st Dec. The fair is free to enter.

 Please come and see me and all my new pieces of work.  If I am at any more fairs  I will keep you posted.


A Very Merry Christmas Season to all……and to all good night.


 Love Jill


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