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January and February have just seemed to vanish and March is here.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It seems such a long time ago now, but due to a very busy Christmas and being laid up with pneumonia just after I am just getting my spring back into my step.

For all those with a birthday in January (me Included) our birthstone is a Garnet.

I have two very good friends who have had their birthday in February, and managed to make them both earrings with Amethysts which is their birthstones. I love the deep purple as a colour, although I do have some very unusual green ones.

March birthstone is the Aquamarine from the Latin it means water of the sea.  It is part of the Beryl family and is a beautiful blue or turquoise colour.

Living just outside London I go into the city at least once a week.

I have only just started to visit London again, I unfortunately missed the exhibition of Pearls at the V&A and I was told it was very good. If you go to my links page there is a link to my pinterest site, and on the jewellery pearls are some pictures of the pearls.

On at the British Museum is Beyond El Dorado which is all about Columbian gold . It is only on until 23rd March but worth a visit, I really enjoyed it .

Also on in London at the Museum of London is the jewellery from the Cheapside Hoard. On until 27th April I can’t wait to go! My friends have been a few times each.


From the jewellery bench I have a few ideas in mind and will post some more pictures soon.

Jack my husband gave me a photographic box for Christmas to take better pictures with so I intend to use it this weekend.

Have a good March.

Jill xx

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