About Jill


My name is Jill Bell and I am a Jewellery Designer and Silversmith working in my workshop in London. I have been a designer for over 30 years.

I originally trained in fabric design and embroidery, creating many exciting and innovative pieces. From large textiles by machine and hand, to bags, beaded purses and jewellery. After nearly 10 years of C&G embroidery school I fished the courses.

In 1998 I started my first silversmithing course at a local college.  I am still at a London school allowing me to continue learning, designing jewellery.








My work is designed with organic movement and inspired by nature. I am very lucky that I have travelled the world, always taking my sketchbook and pencils with me. This has played a very important part in my designs helping me to learn more about different cultures and beliefs. The beauty and ever-changing colours of the seasons mean that the collections are continually evolving, stirring emotions evocative of the natural world. Working in a range of different mediums, I handcraft bespoke designs forging and manipulating the raw materials. I love incorporating semi precious stones and pearls into my work to naturally enhance each piece.